Value Education – By Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris is an international socio-spiritual organisation spread over in 135 countries with about 8500 branches. The Value Education imparted by Brahma Kumaris is designed to motivate students and to involve them in thinking about themselves, others, the world and values in ways that are relevant. Students are asked to reflect, imagine, dialogue, communicate, create, write about, artistically express and play with values. In the process of this value education, personal, social and emotional skills develop as well as peaceful and co-operative social skills. Brahma Kumaris strongly believe that each student has the capacity to positively learn and create when given opportunities. When students are provided with Value based environment Fildena, students are able to make conscious social choices. This Value Education imparted by Brahma Kumaris is more enjoyable, beneficial, and effective for both students and teachers.


The school has a fully equipped library with a reference section, a reading room and a seminar area. It is stocked with plenty of books in various categories and a number of periodicals and newspapers. The books have been classified according to the Dewey decimal classification. The unique feature of the library is the 'Open Access System' which enables students to access any book freely. The library is also equipped with a number of books on curriculum based topics and general studies

Spacious Classrooms

New national school can boast of spacious, well-ventilated and excellently furnished classrooms to make the students learning comfortable and enjoyable. Individual tables and chairs are provided to students to make them independent and self-reliant. These specially designed tables and chairs can be brought together very easily to form circles and semi-circles. In all classrooms display boards too are provided to display creative chart works, drawings and paintings and craft works.

Computer Lab

New national school believes in making its students 'computer-savvy'. To this effect, computer science is taught to student’s right from Class 1. New national school is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. The World Class Competitive Computer Lab facilities are provided to students to make them technocrats in computer language. The internet is provided in lab with extensive firewall. The hardware project lab is provided to make the students to get competitive standards.

Science lab

A hygienic, spacious and well ventilated general science laboratory of the school with latest equipments and apparatus with other necessary fixtures and fittings provides ample opportunities to the students to investigate scientific facts through experiments. Students from basic class onwards are given the benefit of this lab to work up on the scientific laws and concepts and there by improve their experimental skills under the guidance of the subject teacher.

Play ground

Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well being of children. It impacts hugely on almost every developmental aspect of children’s lives holistically and with multifaceted ways. Besides, for many children, school play time is the most active part of their day. Keeping all these things in mind we are equipped with beautiful play ground with all the sports kit. So that Young children can spend a reasonable amount of time in school.

School Bus

The requirement for safe entry of every youngster to class and back home is of foremost significance to us. To guarantee safe venture to every part of the school has its own armada of outsourced school transports outlined according to benchmarks and kept an eye on via prepared drivers and work force sharpened to the necessities of little youngsters. For supervision and checking a vehicle orderly is ready all through the voyage.

Craft facility

We offers intensive, hands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship, helping students to achieve meaningful lives and livelihoods. For more than a century, the exceptional programs, master faculty and inspiring community have encouraged individual growth Hytrin, curiosity, technical mastery and commitment to excellence. The school's reputation for excellence and value attracts students from around the world.


Dancing is a highly physical activity, and kids who take dance lessons regularly should expect to see a significant improvement in their overall physical health. New national school is conducting dance classes for children regularly. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health. Dancing is an aerobic form of exercise.

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