Beyond academics

We believe in nurturing students beyond books


Co curricular Activities

Along with perfect educational programs, we also concentrating on Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Yoga, Indoor & outdoor sports

Qualified Faculty

We have a very highly qualified and dedicated faculty who are always ready to help any student who approaches them with a smile.

Ethical admission process

While we understand that securing school enrollment is a priority for families, we cannot do so until we have received complete applications.

Why Choose NNHS ?

Being an educational institution, we are committed to provide quality education to all students in various subjects, social, educational and recreational activities.

Being an educational institution, we are committed to provide quality education to all students in various subjects, social, educational and recreational activities. Our School is headed by a highly educated and experienced management. They supported by various faculty members in all subjects who provide individual attention to each student. We have been getting very successful results for our students. It shows that our school is committed to provide quality education and imparting multifarious social activities, which provide support to many students from top level to the under-privileged community.

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Our School has been providing quality education and unique activities such as social and economical activities to many under privileged children amongst general students to discover talent from them and to provide them with opportunities for further development. This enables them to achieve their desired goal. We have good faculty and infrastructure to provide a challenging and competitive atmosphere.

Our School is one of the established and trusted educational institutions providing quality education to several children. We allow the students to discover their own talents and provide opportunities for them to develop it to the maximum possible level. This further enables each and every student from any sphere in life to achieve their desired goal. We are a school offering educational services with a marked difference and work on the principle of implementing what we say.

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Mutual trust and respect are essential for healthy, enduring relationships Embracing our interdependence is vital for the community to flourish Practice, perseverance, and reflection are integral to a culture of excellence We are the trustees of our environment

Delivering a dynamic educational program that encourages each student to achieve his/her highest potential. Offering a unique blend of curriculum that will enable easy transition of students from school to tertiary education anywhere in the world. Practicing the ethics of love and compassion towards all and committing ourselves to overall development of the children.

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